• velvet jacket

    Relaxed fit jeans and oversized bags are two of my favorite things right now. As of late, I can’t even remember what it feels like to wear skinny jeans. In general, the basics are typically my go-to: jeans, tees, sweaters and cool jackets like this velvet beauty. I’ve mentioned before that velvet is back and more popular than ever, (PS. I’m still looking for a pair of amazing crushed velvet boots, so if you know of any, send me a message) and this jacket with the lace up sleeves is high up on my list of must-haves for fall. Between the velvet jacket and the silk top I’m wearing, I feel almost too comfortable to be fashionable. Black crushed velvet is a definite winter/ holiday color and fabric, and, bonus, really makes the neutrals pop. I just love jackets all around- they have the ability to pull any look together.

    velvet jacketvelvet jacketvelvet jacketvelvet jacketvelvet jacketvelvet jacket

    Free People jacket here

    Free People tank here

    Levi’s jeans here

    Boots here

    Necklace (similar) here

    good vibes only

    As most of us know, “Good Vibes” means to live life positively, but, I feel like more often than not, this little piece of advice can only go so far. When someone is in an unhealthy situation or having a bad day, “good vibes” doesn’t really mean much at the time.

    I used to work as a bartender and sifted through quite a lot of nightlife bar jobs. Getting drunk every night for free was certainly fun, and making tons of $$$ was even more fun but as I got older, and thought more seriously about where my life was heading, the nights started to take a toll on me. Maybe it was my age, maybe it was my mindset, or maybe it was my “weak” stomach, but I wasn’t the same after a while. I changed. Yet, above all else, as I changed, I grew, and I learned that good vibes can directly relate to the people you hangout with. I think that surrounding yourself with people who want similar things as you, or who have similar goals in mind is a major key to living a positive life. I realize everyone is different and going through different stages in his or her life- like the quote I once read, “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.” There is nothing wrong with those who enjoy working in the nightlife industry but there is also a difference between needing to get by and always chasing a good time. At some point, we all have to grow up, which means that, despite what Kate Moss says, you can’t always have a good time. Part of life is about ups and downs, good times and bad times, fun times and serious times; without the struggles of life, we wouldn’t be equipped to handle tough situations. But, more than anything, it’s about how you handle those situations. I still like to get dressed up and go out. I mean just this weekend it was my fiancé’s 28th birthday, we had a beer pong tournament and then headed to a popular pub in our city. It was an absolute blast! We celebrated the night away. But Monday is here now and we’re back to that grind.

    I have all kinds of people in my life but the one thing those people have in common is goals to succeed and grow at whatever they’re passionate about. One of my closest friends, Mel who lives in London, started an app in which she grinds every day working towards making her app one of the top apps on the market. Seeing her determination gives me determination. Another close friend works as a financial analyst (so fancy), I still don’t know exactly what her job entails, but she works for the federal government, is incredibly smart, and loves what she does. Her energy fuels mine and encourages me to do better. Sure, we all have our struggles, but those who we surround ourselves with can help pick us up from time to time, when we need it most.

    I’m sure everyone reading this knows someone who is draining to be around. Always negative, no goals or ambition, always blaming someone for something happening to them; these are the kinds of people who are convinced life is shit. And so it is. But surround yourself with good people and watch the good vibes come. I once read something that is still one of my top 5 favorite quotes of all time,

    We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

    This was said by Jim Rohn, whom (or is it who? I still don’t know) also said, “In order to increase your wins, you’ve also got to increase your losses.” We are all incredibly effected by our environment, more so than you might like to think, which means that if you’re hanging out with draining people, you will inevitably become drained yourself. So why not surround yourself with positive people? Cut your losses and slowly watch your life change. I know I did.

    Started from the bottom…

    good vibes only

    Now we here…

    good vibes only

    At a conference not too long ago, where I got to meet and hang with the beautiful, entrepreneur, Lilly Ghalichi. This girl started out in Law school with a very strict family, and chased her dreams of creating a beauty empire. Again, surrounding myself with influential, positive people changed my life.

    army green jacket

    Olive/ army green is probably my favorite color, and it just happens to be great for any season. I put together something rather casual and for everyday wear. I liked how the raw-hem levi jeans seemed tie in nicely with the army-like jacket, and it’s a great transitional piece for summer to fall. This color also looks great with gold jewelry, although most neutrals look great with gold accessories.

    army green jacketarmy green jacketarmy green jacketarmy green jacketarmy green jacket

    Similar jacket here

    Scarf here

    Levi’s here

    Dolce Vita ankle boots here

    Sunglasses here

    Gold tusk ring here/ gemstone ring here

    faux fur coat

    I don’t really wear fur but the odd time I do, it’s faux. Since I’m wearing mostly dark, I wanted to balance it out with a lighter color statement piece. Although you can’t really tell from these photos, it was absolutely freezing out this day. -7’C to be exact. My body hasn’t climatized to the winter weather yet.

    The next item I’d like to talk about is the Free People “top” I’m wearing. I wrote top in quotations because it’s actually supposed to be a dress. Instead, I tucked it in on one side and wore it as a blouse. I like the oversized look a lot. It would be really easy to wear this look as a dress though; just lose the pants and fur coat and BAM, you’ve got yourself and entirely new look.

    I love the concept of style because style is uniquely and inherently you. It’s all about the way you put something together. Fashion isn’t always about following the rules and style is how you break those rules. I often find myself shopping in the men’s t-shirt section and buying an oversized rock n’ roll tee then twisting and tying it in the front. You’d be surprised how often people stop me to ask where I got my tee.

    faux fur coatfaux fur coatfaux fur coatfaux fur coatfaux fur coat

    Philanthrophy faux fur coat similar here and here

    Free people dress here

    Hat here

    Boots here

    blush pink sweater

    I seriously love this Zulu & Zephyr jumper. It’s absolutely perfect for winter. It’s beyond comfy because of it’s relaxed fit and knit cotton blend fabric, and is so dang versatile. I also really love the rolled neck detail; it’s a nice twist to the turtleneck. I paired it with black skinny jeans and these cute Coach booties.

    Wearing an oversized item typically means you should have a fitted top or bottom to balance things out. Think, wide leg pants and a fitted simple black turtleneck, or a boyfriend shirt, oversized scarf and skinny jeans. The options are endless, unless you’re going for a relaxed look all together. I’m thinking of something like this. However, if you’re looking for form over relaxed style, go with the ‘balance’ equation. For full outfit details, scroll to the bottom.

    blush pink sweaterblush pink sweaterblush pink sweaterblush pink sweaterblush pink sweater

    Zulu & Zephyr jumper here

    Mavi jeans here

    Coach booties fitted style here

    Snakeskin bag similar here, more affordable version here

    Hat here