• Monse Spring 2016

    Monse founders, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, are nothing short of sensational. Having worked for one of the industry legends himself, Oscar de la Renta, this talented duo isn’t slowing down any time soon. They’ve created a line so inspirational, it will make you look at fashion in a whole new light. Debuting their new line just one year ago at NYFW, Monse has taken the fashion industry by a storm.

    Monse Fall 2016

    Monse Spring 2016

    Their line is a totally different and unique take on relaxed fashion. Think oversized meets sophistication, effortless meets construction, a classic white shirt meets wearable art. Monse has the effortless look down pat, while still keeping things feminine and chic.

    Monse Fall 2016

    The asymmetrical designs meet the eye in such a pleasing manner. This sexy yet sophisticated line has thought of every last detail down to the button placement. For instance, the loose hanging fabric and tied sleeves in different places throughout the attire flows so flawlessly and makes for an impactful statement- one that most definitely won’t be forgotten. Monse truly defines the meaning of wearable art.

    Monse Fall 2016

    Pinstripes were definitely a trend seen at the last Monse show. This pinstripe cold-shoulder blouse was definitely a favorite. Having read an article from Vogue on Monse, Garcia said, “We like the idea of relaxed glamour.” That, indeed, is exactly what they’ve accomplished. This grandiose line is so spectacular that it makes me want to toss out my entire closet and start over from scratch. The fit, style, luxe fabrics, and different textures are combined to create awe-inspiring looks of the newest generation line. Get ready 2017, Monse is the ultimate trendsetter.

    Monse Fall 2016

    This velvet blush pink dress is absolutely to die for! Monse is the ultimate inspiration!

    You can watch the most recent Monse runway show here.

    fran denim

    Fringe denim, printed pockets, and low boots. I’d like to say Yeezy inspired the low boots trend; however, I can’t be too sure. What I can be sure of is the uprise of fringe denim. I’m so happy that new trends of denim are starting to come in: wide leg, patch, embroidered, asymmetrical, and, of course, fringe. I was getting tired of the classic straight leg/ skinny jean denim.

    I’m a big fan of the oversized look so I wore this dress shirt that has a fun, leopard printed pocket. Although this look didn’t need anything extra since the fringe is detail enough, I wore this blouse because of the small detail on the top. I like the smaller details in outfits while keeping the look effortless and clean cut. Anyone else feel me? I hadn’t realized until I posted this look that Olivia Palermo also wore this top with a similar style jean! Check it out here.

    fran denim fran denim fran denim

    Get your fringe on:

    fran denim fran denim

    Blouse here

    Fringe denim here

    Tony Bianco boots here

    Wearing faux fur sometimes requires a bit of a push. A statement piece as extravagant as a pelted coat can sometimes involve fashionistas to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. With fall right around the corner, what more of a reason is needed to get inspired and rock it with fur this fall?!


    1.Classic Chic

    6 ways to wear faux fur

    All photos are found on Pinterest

    Get inspired with stripes this fall and bring basics to life with this stripe fur coat from Each X Other.


    2. Rocker

    6 ways to wear faux fur

    Think Aerosmith, Mick Jagger, Axl Rose… This style won’t be forgotten. Try it out with a multicolored vest!


    3. Casual

    6 ways to wear faux fur

    An easy style. Simple, quick, and stylish, just how I like it! Brown faux fur on sale here.


    4. Sporty
    6 ways to wear faux fur

    This shearling coat is easy to mix and match. A similar style is listed here to get you the most bang for your buck.


    5. Business 6 ways to wear faux fur

    A totally unique take on wearing fur. Who would’ve thought walking into a business meeting could look so good. This white faux fur by Giamba is the perfect subtle yet self-assured piece.


    6. Oversized  6 ways to wear faux fur

    A personal favorite- the oversized look works perfectly with an oversized fur.

    satin slip dress

    Easy breezy 90’s attire. This minimalistic slip dress is perfect for putting together a layered outfit. I chose to wear mine over a grey tee but the great thing about this dress is the color palette. It’s so easy to mix and match: try stripes or a printed tee, or switch up the grey for black, white, olive green… The list goes on and on. I love it because the options are endless, you can create your own unique style just by mixing and matching.

    I’ve mentioned this look before in a previous blog post, so, clearly, I’m a fan. Since then, I’ve tried to really think about why I liked this look so much. I think it’s because I really like the “didn’t try” try look. Similar to the “no makeup” makeup look. This outfit requires minimal effort, is minimalistic, and, yet, grunge-chic (if that’s even a thing). It reminds of me of Clueless, along with the fashion legend, Cher, or Brenda from Beverly Hills 90210.

    satin slip dress satin slip dress satin slip dress satin slip dress satin slip dress

    Slip dress here

    Grey tee here

    Sandals here

    silk camis

    Blush pink and silk/ satin cami’s are my favorite at the moment. Seriously, is there anything more feminine and delicately beautiful? And not to mention, the comfort is at a level 10. It feels like I’m wearing my pajamas. How can I feel so great and also be so damn comfortable? This halter top is from Zara but Nordstrom has got some really great silk halter tops as well, check them out here, and if those aren’t your taste, I highly suggest ASOS satin line (I ordered a few of these myself!)

    silk camis silk camis silk camis

    Also, these frayed denim jeans are so fantastic. You’ll definitely see these in another post soon! I’m loving the frayed edges and uneven trims on jeans lately. So fashionable, so different, so unique. Is anyone else with me?

    silk camis silk camis silk camis silk camis silk camis

    Zara top similar here

    Jeans similar here

    Heels here