5 Days At Home

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I took a quick 5-day trip home to Canada last week for two reasons. One being to see my love {obviously}, and the other for our friend’s -stunning- wedding. When I go home I like to relax and recharge my batteries. Since I’m constantly on the go in New York, having a relaxing week was so nice. I didn’t even realize when I booked my flight that I booked it for Canadian thanksgiving weekend- score!

I know how cold Canada gets {even towards the end of September} so I packed lots of sweaters and booties. It was a weekend full of family time, Netflix, and relaxation; oh, and a bit of spontaneity: I got a tattoo!


Everything I’m wearing is linked below. What are your thoughts on the wedding site?


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The wedding we went to was so incredibly beautiful and so much more than I imagined. It gave Kevin and I major inspo for our own next year! As the bride and groom encouraged us to be “in the moment” during the ceremony, I didn’t capture much but the reception was absolutely stunning. (Anything with string lights is right up my alley). The perfect wedding site.


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