Birthday Feels


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“It’s my party and I’ll eat cake at 9am if I want to” would be a more accurate description of what I’m doing today. I don’t really believe in horoscopes or zodiac signs but I was reading through a link about Capricorns that my friend sent me the other day and it read, “Surprising and very fortunate events could take place today, Capricorn. This could be an advancement that you weren’t expecting. The introduction of an interesting new person or the beginning of an exciting new project could raise your pulse. The day should therefore pass by very quickly. Tonight you may want to share your excitement with your partner or another family member.” After reading this I thought, “well that makes sense considering git’s my birthday.” And I’m hopeful that this day will be the beginning of an exciting new project.


Apparently Capricorns are known as responsible, disciplined, and self-controlled, with their weaknesses being unforgiving and always expecting the worst. After reading up on this, realizing that 100% describes me, I can’t help but want to believe that today will play out as my horoscope said.



Nonetheless, today I turned 28. As I look back, each year gets slightly less exciting for me. I feel the pressure of getting married and having kids closely creeping up on me, Kevin isn’t here to celebrate with me, reflecting on my childhood memories and realizing I’ll never get those back. This year we are closer to 2043 than we are to 1990 {my favorite decade of all time}.


Yet, on the other hand, I realize that life is amazing. I’m living in the greatest city in the world, I have amazing friends by my side, and {literally} the world’s best fiancé. I have a cozy house, a supportive family, and food every day. I’m so blessed. Suddenly, I’m now beyond excited to celebrate 28. It’s amazing what the mind can do.


This year, my birthday wish is to find a way for Kevin to come live with me. Long distance is hard but our relationship is stronger than that, and I have faith. Soon enough, he’ll be in New York and I’ll get to live out my Breakfast at Tiffany dreams {I already have my orange tabby cat with me: Nala}. Today I am saying goodbye to a year full of lessons and blessings, and I’m welcoming another amazing year full of adventure ahead! Happy Birthday to all of my fellow Capricorn friends out there!


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