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I started my blog in August of 2015 while I was in University and living in Alberta, Canada. Back then I knew absolutely nothing about blogging and how it worked. My blog started out as a hobby, something to keep my mind off of a tough time in my life. I found that I loved it so much it turned into so much more than I could ever imagine. I was excited to wake up each morning and share my experiences, inspiration, and personal style. After countless hours of reading, researching, learning HTML code, attending webinars and conferences, and so much more, my digital dream was born.



When I’m not blogging, I’m listening to motivational speeches, reading self-starter books, or listening to entrepreneurs talk about their journey. I find that I absolutely love the feeling I get from those moments. It gives me so much joy and inspiration that it nearly brings me to tears. And, in turn, I love to inspire others as well. Jim Carrey once said, “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.” And with that, I want to affect my readers in a way that leaves them feeling inspired and motivated to go out into the world and make the most out of their lives.



After receiving my Bachelor of Communication Studies degree, I quickly moved to New York to pursue my blog full time. Fast-forward to today, I’m now living in Brooklyn and following my dream.



My blog, Love, Amber Victoria, is a digital destination for all things structured, neutral, beautifully simple, and classic with a modern twist. This blog is not only a place for millennial women to visit and feel inspired by the mixture of feminine and masculine pieces in every day life, it is also a place for my readers to feel enticed and spark an excitement in themselves to live their lives to the absolute fullest- whether that be taking the plunge and going on a crazy adventure, updating classic wardrobe pieces, creating fun beauty looks, or just looking for some miscellaneous inspiration.



Any questions/ FAQ’s? Please shoot me an email at contact@loveambervictoria.com. I’d love to hear from you!



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