2 Easy Bob Hairstyles For Short Hair


bob hairstyles quick easy

I find that most people cut their hair because they want a change, it’s easier to style, gets less tangled, and generally is less maintenance. Letting you know now, it’s definitely not less maintenance. But, one great thing is that it definitely gives you more volume.

Contrary to popular belief, there is still tons you can do with short hair. I like to style mine with soft waves for an everyday look, but sometimes I want to do a bit more. I absolutely love braids but with a short cut, it’s hard to do dutch braids with a bob hairstyle. Here’s two easy styles to try this spring!


1. The Twisted Crown

easy tutorial for bob hairstyles

Start with styled hair (I like mine to be loose waves) and separate into 3 smaller, but equal, sections around the temple of your head.

tutorial easy bob hairstyles

Braid by holding right section in right hand and left section in left hand, and middle section between thumb and finger of either hand. Cross right section over middle section, then repeat with left section. Continue to add more hair each time you cross one section over to another.

bob hairstyles braided tutorial look

Stop adding more hair about halfway through the crown; finish the braid and tie ends with a band.

tutorial for bob hairstyles quick

Once completed on both sides, make a small hole to push the second braid through.

bob hairstylestutorial bob hairstyles short

Pin with bobby pins (I just use two), and take out the bands at the bottom of your braids.

bob hairstyles quick easy

Should look something like the above photo once completed.



2. Half bun

My fiancé calls this one the “Joe Dirt.” If this particular bob hairstyle is something that looks like Joe Dirt, I guess I can say this is one look we agree on.

bob hairstyles

I always start with teasing the top section of my hair to give me that added volume. I’m from Texas so the bigger the hair, the better!

bob hairstyles for short hair

Pretty easy next step, take the top half of your hair and tie it in a bun.

bob hairstyles

You half bun should look like a sad panda with no perk. This is where I take 1 bobby pin and lift it by pinning it at the top.

half bun look for bob hairstyles

Voila! The finished look. Two simple, quick, and fashionable bob hairstyles to add to your queue this summer.


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