Home With Him

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I moved back home for a lot of reasons but, of course, the main one was to be with Kevin. Our wedding is in August and I feel like we've barely done any planning! Yes, I got my dress, booked the venue, sent out the invites, and booked the tent rental, but that's basically all I've done. And if you haven't planned a wedding before you might be thinking, "Well, you got the important things out of the way so what's the stress?" I didn't think much about it until I sat down yesterday and made a list of everything that still needs to get done. My list reads:


- Bridesmaid dresses

- Headpiece/ veil/ shoes?

- Book florist

- Ceremony decor (chairs, flowers, string lights, candles, etc.)

- Honeymoon options? Mykonos? Rome? Sicily?

- Rent chairs, tables, lighting, DJ equipment, etc.

- Wedding rings

- Candy bar/ lounge

- Cake stand/ table

- Bridesmaid goodie bags

- Beauty routine: Hair, makeup, spa

- Seating chart

- Vows


The list actually goes on after that but I've stopped since this is getting repetitive. You get it- I have lots to get done! I think since I've been on the outs with the whole Instagram world and becoming bitter with it that I've neglected my real life while in the midst of it. Reality check!



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Being back at what I call "the homepot" with Kevin has made me realize many things. More than anything, it's made me see what's important and what's not. I had this idea in my mind that New York was going to be everything for me and cure all of my issues being in a small town, but it did the opposite. I fell into the game, became an asshole while at it, and ended up hating myself in the end- more on that later, still raw, still not ready to open up about that aspect of my life. I will say though, being here, and experiencing that, has given me clarity on what's important. I've taken a step back from "the game" and focused on life at home.


Kevin and I are back to living together again -yay, no more long distance- and getting back into our daily routine we call life, and I can honestly say it's been blissful. He's truly the most patient, kind, and understanding man I've ever met. Home will always be where the heart is.


In the mean time, I'm working on a new project that I'm very excited about. One that differs from the blogging world. I can't share more at this time but expect something new in the next 9 months or so!