How I Went From Part Time To A Full Time Blogger

How I went from blogging part to time full time


I started my blog a little over 2 years ago with one goal in mind: To do what I love and turn it into a career. If you had asked me when I first started if I saw myself living in New York, turning my blog full time, I would say no way {or “in my dreams”}.


I’ve always been such an advocate for people doing what they love. Life is too short to work at a job you hate, only to cover just as much as you need to pay your bills. The sad reality is, I’ve read that is exactly what 90% of our population does.


If you’re looking for a sign, take this post as your sign. I’ve complied a list of every lesson I learned throughout my 2 years in order to make my dream a reality, and I want to share this journey with you as I believe many of these steps are versatile to cater to your dreams.


How to blog full time
How to blog full time


1. Have a vision

You can’t go after something if you don’t have a very clear vision of what you want. Don’t leave your current job just because you think there’s something better out there. Find your vision and your future, then work your ass off for it.


2. Set goals

I set many different goals for myself to measure my own success and growth. I found it extremely hard not to compare myself to others {I find lots suffer from this struggle, having talked to so many friends about it} but finding the strength to focus on yourself is one battle worth owning. Every few months I would re-evaluate my goals I set. Some months were great, others I felt like I was taking two steps back, but that’s part of being an entrepreneur and it’s natural. Remind yourself that it’s okay to have those up’s and down’s. I struggled for years with my own. It’s not easy, but then again nothing worth having comes easy.


3. Be thankful 

Without my fiancé, I wouldn’t be where I am today. In my case, my significant other was an internal part in helping me achieve my goals. He was there to help me financially, physically {by taking my photos when I needed}, and emotionally {helping me to never give up on myself}. One of my best friends, who happens to be an influencer, told me her sister was the hero behind her brand. She’s the one taking all of her photos, helping her with emails, and flies with her to locations as her photographer/ assistant. Whether it’s a family member, significant other, or best friend, never underestimate the power of the people in your life to help you grow. There is no I in team.


4. Connect

Reaching out to brands via email is so important when you’re starting out. Brands don’t know who you are- show them. Create a relationship with them and align yourself with their brand. Be a vision of what brands you want to work with, so when they view your outlets, they’ll see you’re a perfect fit.

Connecting with others really helped me grow. Making friends with likeminded people really helps align yourself and your goals even more. What I love most about being friends with other influencers is discussing ideas and planning events. It’s so wonderful to be around individuals who share the same interests as you. We’re in this industry together and without the help from others, we wouldn’t get very far. Networking is such a big part of growing your brand, any brand. I saved up and went to a few conferences before I moved to New York so I could meet these likeminded individuals. Create & Cultivate is one fantastic conference to attend if you’re starting out as a blogger!


5. Be yourself

Truth is, what’s going to make you stand out in this saturated market is your personality. I’ve heard this before and I always thought it was kind of BS but it’s the truth! No-one is going to be just. like. you. There are so many people out there with similar styles, feeds, goals, etc but no one can duplicate your exact personality. Yes, sometimes I hear myself on camera and think, “ew, I really sound like that?” But this is where your true inner strength is put to the test because having to open up on camera and be authentically, unapologetically yourself is very scary. Good news is, it gets easier and eventually becomes second nature. Show people who you are. Don’t be afraid.


6. Travel

Traveling, I believe, is so good for the mind, body, and soul. It helps clarify things. Every time I were to travel, my problems at home would seem so small and insignificant in comparison to the whole wide world. It really helped clarify things for me. Not only that, but I believe travel, along with networking, can help you expand your brand immensely.


7. Listen to your gut

There will come a point when you’ll know it’s time to take the leap from part time to full time. This feeling happened for me this month! It’s very exciting and also very nerve-wracking. I worked at a job I loathed for years and years, I hated every minute I was there. In fact, whenever Sunday evening hit, and I had to work Monday, I would be depressed all of Sunday knowing it was coming. Yet, I stayed and I worked because I knew I had to in order to save. In fact, when I first moved to New York I worked that same job until this month. I worked long hours and then went home and hounded out emails, and woke up super early to create content and then went to work. Basically, I didn’t sleep. I did what I had to, to reach my goals. And I saved up enough to fall back on in the next few months just in case.


The truth is, you’ll never be 100% ready, and you can always find excuses not to do something, but entrepreneurship is like jumping and learning how to build your parachute on the way down.


Above all, don’t give up on yourself.