How To Properly Burn Your Candles


candle care burning tips 101



I have an addiction and I'm not afraid to admit it. It's a problem I've acquired over the past couple of years and is only growing stronger. I've tried to get help; aka telling myself I can't afford it, but alas, I continue to fail in the mental notes to myself. My latest relapse was at the Surfrider hotel in Malibu. I just couldn't resist that earthy, heavenly smell as soon as I walked in. Oh, and my addiction? Right... I have an addiction to collecting luxury candles.


I'm not one for a sweet scent, anything with vanilla, cinnamon, fruit, etc. I feel like Kevin's mom would slap me on the wrist for saying this because she's definitely a sweets person but walking into a room filled with the smell of sandalwood takes all of my stress away. I love an earthy scent like pine {especially for the holidays}, gardenia, sandalwood, rosemary, eucalyptus, etc. It's just so relaxing.


dyptique candle care burning tips
candle care burning tips jo malone

Some of my favorites which are scattered around the house include: Diptyque, Scents of Sicily {I have to admit, this brand might be my favorite}, Voluspa, Sand + Fog, and Commodity. Of course, some are easier for me to burn than others. I'm weird in that I like to keep the "super luxe" ones for the most special of occasions. I still have yet to own a Jo Malone candle although it's on my list! Maybe for Christmas *hint hint Kevin!*



Up until recently I never knew there was an etiquette to burning candles. I would light and blow out continuously until one day the wax built up over top the wick and I couldn't burn my candle! Having paid a pretty penny for this candle, I was pissed until I did some research {and by research I mean I Googled "wax build up over wick"} and found there was so much to know on how to properly burn a candle. Who would've thought? Since this, my candles have lasted longer, stayed even {lots of time wax build up will stop at the edges leaving a ring or uneven burn}, and even keep the scent longer lasting. Having learned all of these things, I wanted to share my knowledge for those candle lovers out there.

candle care burning tips
dyptique candle care burning tips

1. The first burn is always the most important.

How to properly burn a candle has a lot to do with letting the wax pool; meaning each time you burn let the entire first layer of wax melt. This will prevent tunneling.

2. Keep the wick trimmed and use a wick trimmer.

You should trim your wick 1/8 of an inch to keep a steady flame and eliminate that "mushroom" wick that happens after burning. I've read that typically the wick should be trimmed at each 4 hour burn time mark. Let the candle cool down to room temperate before trimming.

3. Always keep the wax pool free of wick trimming, debris, etc.

To wipe away debris, use a soft cloth of nylon. And usually best to keep away from direct sunlight.

4. Extinguish candle with a snuffer.

5. Proper burning means the flame is not flickering, smoking, or too high.

The perfect burn will have the flame upright and teardrop shaped.


On a final note, never burn the candle longer than the manufacturer's recommended burn time.