How To Correctly Remove Your Makeup


For the longest time, whenever I was feeling lazy, I would wipe my face with a makeup wipe and call it a night. I did this for years without ever knowing how bad it really was for my skin. Not only did I not clean my face, I was still leaving leftover residue. Kevin makes jokes about how he'll see me in half an hour once I go into the bathroom to do my nightly cleansing routine because I have so many steps, but it's so worth it.


Ever since I started doing this I slowly started noticing clearer and smoother skin. Now when I'm out and about I actually get compliments from strangers on "my glowing skin" and ladies asking me to tell them my secret. Here it is:



1. Remove your eye makeup with oil free makeup remover

Step one is getting the toughest part off: Mascara and eyeliner. Sometimes I'll use a primer on my lid so the eyeshadow will really stick. Sleeping with eye makeup can not only irritate the eyes, it also leads to fine lines or acne.  Using eye makeup remover clears everything and you won't have to pull.










2. Use an exfoliating skin cleanser with glycolic acid

Why? Exfoliating the skin helps rub off all the dead skin and surface level makeup. Glycolic acid can penetrate deeper than a regular cleanser because of the smallest molecules, also helping reduce fine lines, regain elasticity. It also helps with acne.











3. Clean with facial cleanser

Now that you're makeup free, your actual pores and skin need to be cleansed as well. Yes, I wash my face twice, technically, and you should too. I typically use SkinCeuticals 'Simply Clean' gel cleanser, but lately I've been trying out Image Skincare 'Vital C' cleanser and I really like it. Vitamin C is a very important part of skincare.










4. Balancing mist

I truly believe my "glow" comes from hydration. One way {besides drinking water} is to use a balancing mist to get that surface hydration. I hear that rosewater mist helps greatly and might be the best product on the market for such intentions. I use one by Glo. After the face is cleansed and before you apply any moisturizers, use this every night and watch your skin glow.