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Lately I’ve really been getting into the idea of mixing different patterns and prints in one outfit. I used to be such a monochrome gal… until this past fashion week. Although I didn’t attend many shows, I read up on the news releases after the fact, and one trend I couldn’t help but notice was the eclectic mix of patterns. Anna Sui always does a great job of this but I also noticed Michael Kors, Zadig and Voltare, and Phillip Lim -to name a few- hop on the trend. Since I don’t wear much color, black and white mixtures it is… for now. I’ve learned never to knock a style of any kind because you never know what will come back around- I mean just look at fanny packs. Crazy.


Make no mistake, though, not every style I fall in love with. Just because I saw it during NYFW doesn’t mean I’m automatically in love. There were plenty of trends I noticed that didn’t “click” with me. I love to mix and match of different prints because I think it’s a fun way to up your fashion game without going overboard, and I think it’s fun to break the rules a bit. I was always told not to mix patterns or not to wear white after labour day, yet, here we are- 2018 mixing fabrics, patterns and hem lines.


What are your thoughts on mixing patterns and prints?



patterns mixing houndstooth checkered
Mixing patterns www.loveambervictoria.com





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