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My  jewelry collection consists almost entirely of gold constituents, minus my engagement ring. In fact, I can say with complete confidence that I don’t own a single piece of silver or white gold jewelry other than my engagement ring, the tiffany’s key necklace my fiance bought for me back when we were first dating, and the tiffany’s heart bracelet that was given to me as a gift from an ex boyfriend 7 or so years ago, which I’ve actually been meaning to sell. 3 non-gold pieces in my entire 40 or more pieces of jewelry. Damn. I asked myself what my fascination with gold jewelry was and I couldn’t come up with anything more clever than “I like the color.” And apparently I’m not alone in this because as it turns out, gold jewelry is widely popular. Every IG jewelry account I stumble across has a plethora of gold accented pieces with a major lack in silver or otherwise. It’s ironic because I remember back when I was in high school- 10 years ago *holy shit*- thinking gold jewelry was what my grandma would wear. I guess that’s why you never knock fashion; I mean crazier things have happened:  fanny packs, clear bags, and… yes, bucket hats {WTF}.


gold jewelry farfetch panther ring



That being said, gold owns my jewelry collection and there are a few pieces I wear every day. The first is a dainty gold chain bracelet from Mejuri I got over a year ago from doing a collaboration with them. In the past year, I think I’ve taken it off a total of 6 times. It stayed on my wrist for our entire Philippines 2-week trip and still hasn’t even lost a swarovski diamond. I often forget it’s even there half the time. But I love it because it’s just dainty enough and perfect for any occasion.



The second is a recent purchase from Farfetch: the panther ring. And yes, it’s just as cool as it sounds. I’ve been wanting a chunky, decadence gold ring for some time now but couldn’t find one I loved. Enter farFetch, my go-to for all online luxe purchases. Upon deciding between a couple thick bands I found, this one won. Why? First off, ‘panther ring’ sounds so bad ass but even more, it had the perfect balance between opulent and statement without overpowering my thin fingers. Perfect for every day.



everyday gold jewelry ring dainty bracelet mejuri




My third everyday piece is the gold coin necklace from By Alona. It says “What Goes Around…”, which is perfect because I’ve really been trying to live my life in such a way as of late. I really believe in karma. Plus, my favorite JT song just so happens to go something like that *insert sarcastic face emoji here*.





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