New Year, New York

betsey johnson shoes bow tie


2017 was a great year: I made the courageous decision to move to New York by myself, I made some great friends over the course of my life change, and I hosted my first annual 10 days of giveaways. I’ve learned lots throughout the year, both in my personal life and my business side. I’m so excited to share more in 2018. Most of all, expect to see lots more of New York this New Year.


My first style post of 2018 includes rocking these new Betsey Johnson shoes. I love to add a little bit of glam with some sparkle, and these shoes give off the perfect amount without going overboard.

Statement heels with a minimalistic look adds a nice pop to simple attire.

I wore this simple black slip dress and my favorite camel coat for a chic, effortless effect. Then I glammed it up with these heels. I also wore them for NYE with a black mini dress. What are your thoughts on adding a bit of sparkle to your outfit?


betsey johnson shoes
betsey johnson shoes black slip dress
betsey johnson heels shoes black slip
camel coat betsey johnson shoes
betsey johnson shoes camel coat
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